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Be Fit Boxing is a program for fitness enthusiasts that like to be challenged and continually growing in their fitness endeavors.  Boxing as a sport, has long been known to be one of the best for muscle endurance training.  Our programs are based on “old school” proven boxing training mixed with the newest methods of training in the industry.  Our belief is training should be challenging, fun & continually changing to surprise & confuse your muscles & endurance. 

Be prepared to BRING IT!,  

Email:   kick boxing, turbo kick, bootcamp classes, group fitness classes, kickboxing, private training, turbosculpt, low impact boot camp,  Areas served: Wilmington, DE Rockford Park, Newark, Delaware, Greenville, Centerville, 302-743-1891

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Joanie is the best! At first I thought I would just do the four classes but I am now signed up for the monthly plan. She is amazing! The work outs are the hardest most challenging in the area. There is nothing out there like it! You sweat, have fun and get in shape. I lost four pounds in a week thanks to Joanie and I feel amazing! I will be working out with her for the rest of my life!


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Upcoming events!  Thanksgiving Day Fitness Fundraiser!  Click here for details!

Join us in January for our fitness retreat!  Sun Fun and Fitness!

New Joaniefit Gear will be in by mid-month.  Congratulations to the clients that earned their shirt!