Student Fitness


I first started Turbokick with Joanie during my junior year in high school. I really wanted to get in shape for prom and thought her class sounded really interesting. After just one class, I was in love. I began going twice a week, every week and really saw my body transform. Every class left me feeling sorer than the last, but her class got me in the best shape of my life. Her class was a great way to switch up my exercise routines and I truly felt like I was getting an amazing workout. Joanie has such a positive attitude in and outside of class, yet she can push you far beyond your potential, even when you want to give up.  Even now, three years later, I still take Joanie’s class. I am so thankful for Joanie because she has made me so much healthier mentally and physically. I can’t wait for the next time I’m throwing upper cuts, double bopping across the room, and combining round houses with a twist. 

Danielle R.

Archmere Academy

Class of 2012